Hostile Work Environment - Violence in the Workplace
Violence in the workplace affects millions of Americans each year. Unfortunately, many employers eventually will have to deal with a hostile employee who may threaten co-employees with verbal and non-verbal conduct. The majority of all workplace related acts of violence have occurred during or after the firing process. There are a number of actions the employer should consider to protect their employees at the workplace and vital company assets. In many cases it is the sole responsibility of human resources directors to confront and suspend or terminate an employee. Terminating a hostile employee can become a very volatile situation in an instant. It is important as a head of a company or as a human resources director that you are aware of any precursors or signs that this employee may pose a dangerous risk. Determining what workplace safety protocols should be in place before the termination occurs can be a matter of life and death.

Protecting your employees and assets

The employer should consider enhancing work site security after the termination, including restructuring access to the work site, changing security access codes, and hiring outside security for a period after the termination to reassure the remaining employees, provide a rapid response capability if the terminated employee seeks to retaliate. Our highly trained agents can assist you during the termination process and have the capability to provide you with professional and discreet surveillance of the terminated employee. This will offer not only protection for your employees but peace of mind for the human resources director. The key to any hostile termination is reducing the risk of violence and preventing overall danger. Our firm is experienced in providing assistance with hostile employee suspensions and terminations. We also act as witnesses for any litigation that may arise from a workplace incident. Due to our close working relationship with local law enforcement we act as liaisons between your company and law enforcement.


The price of hiring our firm during this difficult time will pale in comparison to the potential consequences of taking no action such as; loss of life, a lawsuit resulting from a workplace violence incident, or even the loss in revenue due to a workforce that is stressed or afraid to come to work because of an individual’s termination.


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