About the CEO

Vincent Wright is the founder and CEO of professional Protection & Security, Inc. (PP&S Inc.)
Vincent's philosophy behind PP&S is simply to provide the client with the highest level of security possible,
while at the same time providing the best customer service.

All PP&S employees are expected to uphold these ideals and provide you with the best service possible.
Why pay good money for security services only to be met by a security guard who is anything but professional
and doesn't even appear to be able to take care of himself, much less you, your loved ones or your assets.

Vincent's personal experience stems from four years of service in the United States Marine Corps and twenty years
of private security service.
During his years of service in the private sector Vincent provided services to private citizens,
U.S. Government officials, a former U.S. President, foreign diplomats, and celebrities.

Vincent also worked for a luxury hotel / resort, where he learned the importance of not only providing superior
security services, but also providing exceptional personal service.