Executive Protection

* Executive / VIP Protection

* Stalking & Threat Assessments

* Domestic violence issues

In today's ever changing world violence is a tool used by persons or groups in order to attain their goals.
These individuals have no geographical borders and can strike anywhere at any time.
Whether their motives are political or financial you owe it to yourself and your family to be protected from those who would do you harm.

Our protection specialists are not to be confused with "off duty cops" or poorly trained security guards.
Off duty cops are not trained in the art of providing close personal protection and generally provide these services
as a second source of income on a part time basis.
Our protection specialists are trained in the latest techniques and utilize the most advanced technologies.
Our personnel have the ability to dress in any fashion, from casual street clothes to formal attire appropriate for any situation.

This affords our protection specialists the ability to blend in with the surrounding population.
They become invisible while providing the client with the highest level of security possible.

We are close enough to protect without being intrustive.

Our protection specialists are available for national and international travel.