state and Residential Security

* Client protection

* Access Control

* Fire protection

* Mail screening

* Alarm monitoring / CCTV

It is well known that many persons use the most basic security systems to protect their homes,
leaving themselves and their families vulnerable.

It has been well documented that the law enforcement community does not have the staffing or the capability to
deal with matters on a personal basis.

Without someone who can immediately respond to your urgent matter you must rely soley on the police.
That is if indeed an officer is available at the time of the emergency.

Our services are provided to both live-in residences and absentee owners.
Services are provided to estates owned by persons or corporations who need more than routine alarm
security and monitoring services.

By far, the most effective solution is our estate / residential security services.
These services ensure the complete safety and wellbeing of you, your family, and  your hard earned assets.
This means that in a life threatening emergency, when every second counts, we are already on scene and able to render assistance until emergency personnel arrive.