uestions & Answers

Q: Is the security company licensed?

A: Any security company operating in the state of California is required to be licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).
Their name will be registered as well as their licence number.
Anyone can look up a security guard, company or private investigator as well as their qualifications simply by going to the BSIS web site.

Note: Don't let a private investigator tell you that they can also provide executive protection or security services.
These are two separate licenses. The private investigator may have both but make sure for yourself.
If a private investigator is hired for security work and is not licensed for it then you, the client be left out
in the cold if something bad happens.

Q: How can some security companies afford to charge such a low rate?

A: If your only concern with hiring security company is the price then you are trading actual security
for a false sense of security.
Security companies who charge low rates are not worried about their client's satisfaction or wellbeing.
The majority of the money you pay will go to the company and small portion will be used to pay the guard.
This results in a security guard who doesn't care about the job or the client, has little or no training and leaves much to be desired in the area of hygene and personal appearance.
It is not uncommon for these low paid security guards to sleep while at work.
It doesn't make much sense to pay for a security guard to sleep.
If you hire a security company for $15 to 22 per hour then this is what you can expect to receive.

Q: Is the security company insured?

A: This is a very important question for the client to ask.
There are many security companies and private investigators who run their operation without any insurance.
A security company who is insured will have no problem providing proof to any potential client.
This includes general liability and worker's compensation.
Imagine the prediciment you would be in if you hired a uninsured company and the security officer was injured or the security officer injured someone while on your property.

Q: Does the security officer speak English?

A: Many of the low price security companies can get away with charging low rates because they employ security officers who do not speak English.
You might find it difficult to communicate with the security officer if this is the case.
How can this security officer effectively do the job?
Does a security officer who does not speak English have a license?
That is another good question.
The test that a person must take and pass to be a licensed security officer is only given in the English
language. In addition the forty hours of instruction required prior to taking the test is only in English.